SchoolTools Manager v1.3.5 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where location in the segments list would jump to the top when list was refreshed or a line was edited.
    • Especially painful when the list was long. (Thanks Tracy!)
  • Changed the background color on all windows to a gray color. Could use feedback on this. Do you have a preference between gray (now) and white (before)?
  • Made adding a new segment from the manager more intuitive.
  • Fixed a bug where student names did not populate on added segments until the manager was restarted.
  • Fixed a bug in the student selection form where the student list would not reset after the filter textbox was cleared.
  • Added RequiresApproval to Reasons.
    • This feature has not been implemented on the Kiosk side yet. You can set a Reason to require approval, but no approval will be required for now.
    • Once implemented, the kiosk will ask for a PIN when a student selects a Reason that requires approval.

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