SchoolTools Manager v1.4.0 Release Notes

  • General
    • Removed deprecated files, reducing install package size.
    • New tabbed layout with a tab for SISO (Sign In/Sign Out) and Tardies
    • New design for top menu bar
      • Everything related to SISO can be found in the SISO menu, everything related to Tardies can be found in the Tardy Tracking menu. Auto Refresh remains in the File menu.
  • SISO
    • Added Admins
      • Set up Admin users with 4 digit PINs for approving sign outs requiring approval.
  • Tardy Tracking
    • Added Schedules
      • Add your schedules (Tardy Tracking->Schedules) so that the tardy class period can be chosen automatically when issued.
    • Added Disciplinary Actions
      • Add Disciplinary Actions for set Tardy numbers (Tardy Tracking->Disciplinary Actions). For use with future Advanced Tardy Reporting feature.
    • Added Tardy Settings
      • Use Tardy Settings (Tardy Tracking->Settings) to dictate the current schedule, tardy window, and current cycle begin and end dates for calculating tardies by cycle.

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