• Regarding DYMO LabelWriter Software Compatibility - As of January 20, 2019, the latest DYMO LabelWriter software has begun causing issues with the latest version of the SchoolTools Kiosk software. In order to ensure uninterrupted service, it […]
  • SubTools v1.9.3 Release Notes - Added Hours, Minutes time entry method Added Run Official Report to File menu Official Report rounds times according to the specifications of the PISD business office Added Run Check Report […]
  • SchoolTools Manager v1.4.3 Release Notes - General Added Configuration Manager to configure database connection via UI. Changed the way all settings are stored in the database. Now more dynamic and scalable. Tardy Tracking Added Cycle Tardy […]
  • SchoolTools Manager v1.4.2 Release Notes - General Various Bugfixes Tardy Tracking Added “Add Tardy” functionality Manually add Tardies via the Manager interface. Added “Edit Tardy” functionality Manually edit Tardies via the Manager interface.
  • SchoolTools Manager v1.4.1 Release Notes - General Added Add Student (Manually) Manually add new students into the database on your own. To prevent future issues, please ensure that the student data you add matches the student […]